Our University has several dozen research clubs and student organizations that are engaged in scientific research and business projects. Students create concepts of product development, new solutions for companies, analyse the problems of enterprises and the economy as a whole. Many of these ideas are later implemented. You will be also able to develop your musical and sports talents with us. Our tennis team won a gold medal this year at the Polish Academic Championships.

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Thanks to us, you will also see the world and gain international experience.

We have exchange agreements with universities all over the world. The result is you will gain an opportunity to study a semester or two abroad, as well as at another economic university in Poland as part of the MOST program. We are also famous for high-quality language teaching.

You can extend your knowledge:

  • Dozens of research clubs and large student organizations.
  • High quality of language teaching, a chance to get a language certificate.
  • Numerous sports units and 2 choirs with a modern repertoire.
  • One of the most modern scientific laboratories in the country – also in the field of AI, augmented reality and neuromarketing,
  • Solving real business problems.
  • Practical sessions.