For 95 years, we have been an important point on the map of Polish and European universities. We cooperate with recognized centres of economic thought around the world. PUEB curricula that we introduce, meet the requirements of the global labour market and EU education standards. We will provide you with an opportunity to see the world and gain international experience. We have exchange agreements with universities all over the world. You will be able to study for a semester or two abroad, as well as at another economic university in Poland as part of the MOST and Transekonomik programs.

You can take advantage of internship programs or take up a job already during your studies. You will gain significant experience before you finish your studies. We also offer financial support in the form of scholarships and modernly furnished dormitories.

We strengthen the potential:

  • Exchange programs.
  • Double degree programs.
  • Internship and apprenticeship, in Poland and abroad.
  • Scientific, sports and social scholarships.
  • Work for students.
  • Dormitories.